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Unmarried Couples and Child Custody

White Plains Family Court Attorney

In New York, family law issues for unmarried couples are handled in family courts. Married couples may utilize the jurisdiction of the family courts as well. At The Law Office of Marcia E. Kusnetz, P.C. , we are comfortable guiding clients through the family court process. There are several aspects of family law that are handled directly in family court, including:

  • Support: Our law firm represents married or unmarried couples as they work to achieve an agreement regarding support. If such negotiations fail, a support hearing will be held. Even after divorce is final, it might become necessary to modify or enforce a support judgment.
  • Custody and support for unmarried couples: For unmarried couples, family court is the jurisdiction for custody and support. We represent individuals attempting to establish support orders, as well as custody and parental access.
  • Paternity: In situations where there is a question or dispute regarding parentage, individuals can get a paternity test. A paternity test has benefits for both parents.
  • Temporary orders of protection: Criminal behaviors or the threat of physical harm within a family are serious matters that are handled through family court. The court seeks to protect those in harm’s way. We can assist you in obtaining an order of protection to help shield you against such conduct.

If you have questions about the types of procedures best pursued through family court in White Plains, Yonkers or surrounding areas, do not hesitate to contact a lawyer at our office to schedule a consultation.

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