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White Plains Child Support Lawyer

White Plains Child Support Lawyer

Enforcement Lawyer in White Plains

In New York, legislation such as the Child Support Standards Act (CSSA) mandate support obligations. The child support amount and share of child support add-ons are calculated in accordance with a statutory formula based upon combined parental income, certain permissible deductions from income, and the number of children in the family. Contact a New York child support attorney with any questions or concerns about your support obligation. It is possible to opt -out of the statutory formula for support in a settlement, when the appropriate factors are present.

We can represent you in a post-divorce enforcement proceeding, including contempt proceedings, regarding child support obligations.

White Plains Child Support Attorneys

At The Law Office of Marcia E. Kusnetz, P.C. , we can advise you of what your child support obligation should be under the law, or that of your spouse of other parent. We will represent you in achieving an appropriate child support award or determination of your support obligation in your matter.

Often, the biggest issue in the determination of child support lies in the accurate reporting of income. If one spouse is a W-2 employee, income is easily discernible. If the party is self-employed, however, an accurate number for income might be more difficult to arrive at. Courts can look at other factors, beyond tax returns, such as spending habits, credit card and bank records to aid in the determination of income for support purposes. We have a great deal of experience in examining financial records and conducting thorough investigations and dispositions to ensure that the proper determination of income is made for child support or alimony purposes.

Additionally, child support may be modified if there has been a material change in circumstances, such as an involuntary loss of or change in employment, income, or if the custodial arrangement has been changed. Our law firm represents clients who are seeking a modification in Divorce Decree Modifications and Enforcement Lawyer. Schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our law firm immediately.

For more information regarding calculating child support pursuant to the Child Support Standards Act, or the Child Support Standards Chart, please follow this link .

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