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White Plains Divorce Decree Modification/Enforcement Lawyer

Westchester County Child Support Enforcement Attorney

The years following a divorce judgment can be filled with significant changes. Many times, these changes can directly alter the effectiveness of the judgment of divorce or support order. A New York divorce decree modification attorney can explain your options in greater detail should such a change of circumstances occur in your life.

At The Law Office of Marcia E. Kusnetz, P.C., we have a great deal of experience in representing clients in modification proceedings. An involuntary material change in income from a job loss can spark a discussion of post-decree modification. Additionally, if one parent suffers a serious injury or becomes mentally or physically impaired, the original judgment may be subject to modification. Many aspects of a divorce decree may be subject to modification, according to the facts of each case, including:

The need to relocate may arise post-divorce. Custody and parental access may certainly be affected by one ex-spouse’s relocation. If you or your ex-spouse is moving beyond geographic restrictions set forth in the divorce decree, the court’s intervention may be required prior to relocating. Our law firm can represent and advise you in this regard.

Enforcement and Contempt Proceedings

In a bad economy, individuals make decisions not to pay certain bills and obligations. Unfortunately, when a party does not follow through on support commitments, it becomes a legal matter. It is important to discuss your options with a lawyer rather than trying to take matters into your own hands. Often, a custodial parent withholds visitation until he or she begins receiving the appropriate support payments. That is not the correct way to handle the situation, and our attorneys can guide you through the proper process to enforce a support order or divorce decree. If the failure to abide by a support order is willful or contumacious, a contempt proceeding may be appropriate to that case. Tools such as wage garnishments, or payment through support collection agencies exist to ensure you receive support in a timely fashion.

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