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Rockland County Property Division Lawyer

Rockland County Equitable Distribution Attorney

The equitable distribution of marital assets and preservation of separate property is a core issue in any divorce. Often, these issues are not as straightforward as they might seem to be, and are best dealt with by an experienced divorce lawyer. A knowledgeable New York property division attorney can assist clients with the distribution of their marital assets, preservation of their separate property, and credits.

At The Law Office of Marcia E. Kusnetz, P.C. , we have years of experience guiding clients through the divorce process. We can advise you as to the difference between marital property and separate property. We can advise you with regard to the need for any business, or professional license valuation, as part of equitable distribution, and can guide you through that valuation process typically conducted by a forensic expert.

Division of Marital Property in New York

Issues may arise concerning hidden assets. In many situations, we have seen spouses divert funds or assets to avoid equitable distribution of same. We will subpoena financial records and perform an in-depth examination to uncover hidden assets and seek a court order to enforce your rights to the distribution of these funds or assets.

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